Puncture Repairs

We specialise in Puncture Repairs and we specialise in doing it right.

Puncture RepairsOne of the most annoying things when you are driving is to experience a flat tyre. Let alone the need to get out and change the tyre, you then need to sort out who does puncture repairs and when will they be able to do it for you.

If it is a car tyre or motor bike, we will do the puncture repairs while you wait, in most cases, and put the wheel back on the car. If it is a truck, tractor or commercial tyre, the puncture repairs may take a little longer. However, we do know the inconvenience that the puncture has caused and will do everything possible to remedy it as quickly as possible.

What do you need to do to avoid getting punctures?

  • Check your tyres regularly for any foreign objects either embedded in the tyre or present in the tread.
  • Make sure your tyre pressures are correct and checked regularly.
  • Always ensure the spare tyre is inflated and good enough to be used.
  • Don't drive on a flat tyre – in a very short distance you will damage the tyre beyond repair!

Following these simple steps and looking after your tyres will go a long way to avoiding the need for puncture repairs and new tyre replacement.

When we undertake your puncture repairs, we not only look to repair the puncture but also check the tyre and wheel rim for any damage to ensure no other damage has occured. If we are unable to repair the tyre, we will recommend a suitable replacement that will meet the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.

At Feilding Tyre Service, we take the pressure out of puncture repairs for you