Masseuse – Bev Wozencraft

Feilding Tyre Services, Masseuse, Bev 


Nickname BevO
Tyre Caps 13 years
Debut 1/4/2002
Different Brands Feilding Tyres
Specials Good Hostess

My Favourites:

Dish I Cook

Item of Clothing

Book / Magazine

Last Movie I Enjoyed

Actor /Actress


Country to Visit

Piece of Advice


Lentil Bolagnaise


Nicholas Spark Novels

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Denzel Washington / Cameron Diaz

Pop / Hip Hop


Be yourself

In General

My Secret Passion

My Pet Hate

Best Vehicle I Owned

I'd hate to be without

Worst Job

For relaxation I like

My Dream Date

Best Holiday Spot in NZ


Getting Massages

No control of the remote / Channel Surfing

Yellow Mini


Picking Asparagus

Drink wine with girlfriends

Romantic trip to Paris