Fleet Servicing

Have your own Fleet Servicing Manager

If you are running a fleet of vehicles then it is important that you get the maximum efficiency out of each vehicle. That is, to minimise the cost per kilometre at every opportunity. One way of doing this is to ensure that the tyres on all your fleet are well maintained.

This is where Feilding Tyre Service can give you real value for your money.

By allowing our Fleet Servicing Manager to maintain your fleet we can deliver to you:

Fleet Servicing

  • Better fuel economies
  • Extended tyre life through:

Regular inspections

Checking tyre conditions and tread depths.

Checking tyre pressures

Regular wheel rotation programme.

  • Onsite puncture, tyre failure repairs.
  • Improved vehicle safety.
  • Minimise vehicle downtime


We have a dedicated Fleet Servicing Manager that will take care of your fleet's tyre requirements and work with you to maximise the life you can get from good tyre management systems