Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment is about making sure your vehicle’s wheels are pointing in the right direction.

It also ensures you will get the best wear from your tyres and make your vehicle a lot safer to drive.

How do wheels go out of alignment. The causes of incorrect wheel alignment are many and varied, it could something so simple as hitting a kerb, running through a pothole, running over debris on the road, or something mechanical such as worn or faulty suspension.

However, when you drive your vehicle with incorrect wheel alignment this can cause other issues with your vehicle.

These can include irregular and accelerated tyre wear, steering difficulties, increased fuel consumption to name a few. More importantly, incorrect wheel alignment can compromise the safety of your vehicle.

A Wheel Alignment is recommended a minimum of every 20,000 km or 1 year.

However you should not ignore other factors where you should consider a wheel alignment. This could include:.

  • The car is pulling to the left or right.
  • Always after having new tyres fitted.
  • You have hit the kerb or a pothole.
  • Suspension work has been undertaken.

We are wheel alignment specialists and will be able to advise you what you need to do. We also inspect other areas under you vehicle at the same time to ensure your safety is not being compromised in anyway and will recommend any other remedial work needed.

What do we look for when we do a wheel alignment for you

There are three main things that are measured that affect the wheel alignment and the way in which a vehicle travels safety on the road. These are The Camber, The Caster and The Toe.

Wheel Alignment


Toe – is the difference in distance between the front of the tire and the back of the tires



Camber – is the inward and outward tilting of the wheels



Caster – is a steering angle that helps keep the vehicle going straight


A Wheel Alignment can save you money and save your life , book your vehicle in at Feilding Tyre Services today